How Telcos use customer alignment to gain a sustainable competitive advantage

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Embark on a transformative journey within the telecommunications after-sales, install & repair arena. This survey explores the practical world of “customer alignment” during pivotal customer life cycle phases.


The telecommunication landscape is evolving, rapidly, and companies must understand and meet their customers diverse needs to remain competitive and relevant.  Telco after-sales, install and repair operations all have high impact on customer success and retained revenues but also represent a significant percentage of total company costs. ‘Customer alignment’ emerges as a major differentiator, fostering satisfaction, loyalty, and a sustainable competitive advantage, as well as reducing operational costs. ‘Customer alignment’ drivers include: An optimal mix of channels, processes, people, AI, techstack.


Our Journey Unfolds:

This survey is our collective exploration into the practices employed by telecom companies to minimize operational costs and maximize customer satisfaction by optimizing alignment with their customers during the after sales, install & repair phases of the customer life cycle.

As a participant in this narrative, your insights become part of a larger story, contributing to a deeper understanding of how telecom companies strategically leverage customer alignment. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the shared experience of shaping the industry’s future.


Explore key insights

Discover innovative ways to streamline operations and reduce unnecessary truck rolls.

Investigate strategies to mitigate pre-install cancellations and enhance efficiency.

Explore methods to minimize low-value transactional inbound calls.

Uncover practices for sustained customer alignment and retention.

Connect with industry peers, discover untapped potential, and fortify your strategic positioning in the dynamic telecommunications landscape.

Benefits of participation

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Unique insights

A personalised benchmark report enabling you to compare yourself with your peers in the industry.

A personal meeting

Receive a thorough analysis of your benchmark report, presented by an expert.

Ongoing learnings

Real-time access to the results of the research.

The categories

The search for operational excellence

How to deliver services and manage costs whilst maintaining a competitive advantage

Retaining and maintaining communication

Discover the elements that have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction

Customer Interaction

Designing seamless customer journeys using a combination of tech and human powered lines of contact

Commercial growth and competition

The extent to which Telcos can use customer alignment and CX to drive competition

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