Create a killer Sales & Marketing plan to achieve your growth targets

Your Sales&Marketing plan

We’re ready to set you up for commercial success!

Every good Sales&Marketing ‘go to market’-plan consists of a few key pillars.

With a clear vision, alignment and goals on each of them

Revynu’s approach will help you get there. It starts with our Analysis phase using our unique benchmarking approach.
We always ask senior leadership + at least 1 colleague from Marketing and 1 from Sales to participate.

We’ll consequently orchestrate an interactive process where we’ll help you make the choices you need to make.

That will translate in to your clear, prioritized¬† and widely endorsed sales&marketing ‘go to market’ plan
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The Key Themes of Marketing&Sales ‘go to market’ plan

Your Market – Size | Potential | Geography
Your Customer – Persona’s | Segments | Problems
Your Financials – Targets | ROI
Your Marketing approach – Channels | Brand | Pricing | etc
Your Sales approach – Processes | Funnel | Conversion
Revynu’s approach really set me up for success!
CEO, Prospectory

Highlights Revynu approach to your Sales&Marketing plan

Unique benchmark intake – everyone’s view on the most important elements of the Sales&Marketing plan
Group dialogue – pinpoint & discuss important deviations on key elements of the plan
Alignment & Decision making – formulate joint answer
Finalize the plan – create a complete Sales & Marketing go to market plan
Roadmap – comprehensive planning for all deliverables + ownership