Key drivers for maximizing Marketing & Sales' conversion in B2B Services

3 unique B2B Services- drivers to boost ROI for data-driven M&S

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The transformation

While B2C companies already jumped on the high speed transformation train to digital data driven marketing/sales, ‘B2B services’ appears to be one of the latest to hop on. And no, we are not talking about tuning SEA and SEO or Inbound marketing efforts. Some metrics and insights from B2B Services leaders:

A whopping 71% acknowledge incapability to strategize using customer,- and market data

Only 4% rate the use of collective sales & marketing data as “sufficient”

81% indicate that improving their current marketing and sales alignment is key for direct growth

Consultancy, IT service providers, Technical services – to name a few – are currently subject to a shift from personal ‘black book’ network sales to centrally organized digital and automated marketing & sales. In combination with an ever more complex buyer dynamics within prospects’ organizations.


Learning from those that lead the way, this peer-2-peer benchmark gives senior marketing & sales leaders an insider view into how peers are approaching – the trends, difficulties, opportunities, and choices surrounding – the transformation to data driven digital marketing.

Benefits of participating

Young startups business meeting to discuss the situation on the marketing in the meeting room. Business teamwork meeting concept.

Unique insights

A personalised benchmark report enabling you to compare yourself with your peers in the industry.

A personal meeting

Receive a thorough analysis of your benchmark report, presented by an expert. 

Ongoing learnings

Real-time access to the results of
the research.

Important themes

Connected phases coordinated by marketing and sales

Gathering market- and customer data

Marketing- and sales technologies and channel mix

Connected marketing and sales processes

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